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The Distribution Transformer Connections Manual has 359 pages of Full Color diagrams printed on water resistant paper!The Complete Meterman's Bible is a set of 3 Books: Single Phase, Three Phase, and Three Phase Primary     


A Must Have Collection of FULL COLOR Metering Diagrams  

"My hope is that these colorful diagramed reference manuals with comprehensive drawings will become your friends & respected allies, guiding you on your journey to become the best Meter Craft person you can be."  ~ Brad




We are delighted you stopped by. We are growing and evolving with every interaction, every meter school we've attended, and with every precious soul we have had the fortunate blessing to befriend. It is our intention to create a place where we can bring together the brotherhoods of electrical crafts professionals across America and around the World. We hope that you find that to be true as you wander through our website… Come back often to see what's new and good. Introduce us to your friends and co-workers. Invite them to visit us. 

An Invitation to Say "HELLO!"  Please visit our GUEST BOOK , We would love to know that you were here. We have designed what we hope are fun and interactive pages to encourage a brotherhood of like minded craftsmen and craftswomen seeking to enhance their metering skills and strategic knowledge. 

Participate in the QUESTIONS & ANSWERS (Q & A) by asking or answering a question.  Build friendships, share ideas and information in discussions with each other in our OPEN FORUM.  Tell us about your experiences with an influential mentor, that inspiring person whom we refer to as a “giant”. We would LOVE to read your story about them in WHO IS YOUR GIANT? 

Books! Books! Books! They are our best friends, they are always there when we need them, they never judge us or reject us, they make us laugh, cry, think, and some even help us grow!  Some people use books to hold things, like letters or for pressing flowers or setting a cup of tea upon, while others design them to hold ‘thoughts, ideas, and information’.  The Meterman’s Bible and related reference books are a product of Brad’s years of experience as an instructor along with his metering knowledge. He has designed some of the Best Friends a Meterman or anyone in the electrical craft could have.

A Giant’s “Staircase of Knowledge”  - Another interesting thing about books is the ability to simulate a staircase by stacking them, offset, one on top of the other giving the look or appearance of “steps”.  If you think of the Meterman's Bible and our other Reference books as the “steps” needed to get through an apprenticeship to become a journeyman, then these books would be a solid foundation for  that staircase. You will find yourself devouring them during your apprenticeship and then referring to them often throughout your Journeyman career. These steps then become the foundation for access to the shoulders of those who have gone before you.  They will be the steps by which you will lead those who follow you. 

We encourage you to stop by often and explore our pages as we grow, add more support, training and articles. Please let us know what you thought about your visit. We love hearing from our web-visitor friends!  Contact us if you have any suggestions, comments, or requests!  

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