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With the recent deployment of 'Smart' meters here in Ontario, metering in general has changed considerably.
Things like sample groups, expired seals and recalibration, while still pertinent, have less meaning as the Smart Meter initiative basically mandates that all customers have a new meter by the end of 2010. All old meters are being scrapped and slowly but surely troubleshooting meter communications is becoming half the job.

I'm just curious what everyone else is thinking out there, what else has changed for you?
Any thoughts appreciated.


December 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAaron Goldman

Well to start with at first it looked like it was more information for utility and customer but as time has gone I see more for the utility, the information for the customer has been scaled back in the sence that it.s all over you have to add up what's on the utilitys page and know where to find it that said I relized
that its now all about "DATA" the movement of data is really the larger scheme, having to keep up with this means we are always trying to follow the curve, trying to keep up with smart-opps and other departments so they can tighten up the data base and at the same time insure for the customer that these meters are calibrated correctly is really been a whirl wind and with HAN is going to really be something its tot even syc-ed up with the smartmeter and does not do tiers.

How is ths going well testing meters, doing maintainace and other old ways are gone
computer skills, comunications, understanding new technoligy as it comes down the
pike and working with the 50 year old panels are the new norm.....

August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCoyoteoldman