Other Books and Reference Materials

This is our reference library of materials that we have either used or been asked about.  This page is designed for the convenience of sharing books and reference material in regards to metering and related electrical crafts.  

  • Handbook for Electricity Metering - Tenth Edition
    by Edison Electric Institute

    We have had multiple requests for locating this book.  Besides Amazon, you can also obtain this book through Western Energy Institute. Click on the WEI Store link on the left side menu. Then when page loads, click on the bar near to top of the section that says Show books for Sale.  Cost $111 (includes shipping).

    You can also find them at Edison Electric Institute (publisher). They can be ordered via phone: 1-800-334-5453. We called to get the pricing: $150/copy + 10% for shipping. They do offer it with a CD for $285/copy + shipping.

    FYI - In general, we prefer the 9th edition (although it's out of print) but it is easier for understanding and explaining the material rather than the 10th.

  • Craft in America Set
    Pbs (Direct)

    Craft in America is a website dedicated to the "Journey into the artists, origins and techniques of American crafts."  Craft in America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration, preservation and celebration of craft and its impact on our nation’s cultural heritage.

    We have seen seasons 1 & 2.  Some of the quotes in our Transformer Training Book come from the craftworkers in these series.  

  • Audel Electrical Course for Apprentices and Journeymen
    by Paul Rosenberg

    We stumbled across this series of books while training in Iowa (Feb 2016). The series of books caught our eye initially because of the old books (original printing) that were in their library. When we searched, we found that there are updated versions and we recommend the series for those interested in gaining further insight about their craft.