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This link provides some great tips for creating or updating your resume to meet today's HR/Recruiter process of scanning (electronically or personally) for descriptive words that match most company's criteria for selecting candidates to interview (and hire).

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Tuck descriptive words from the online ad descriptions into your resume. This will increases your chances of being contacted by recruiters who scan your resume looking for prime candidates to fill the electrical position openings.

Review and update your Resume every two years, to keep it current and fresh and ready to go if the need should ever arise. There are always opportunities to update your career and having an updated resume on hand for any openings that are of interest will increase your chances of being selected (for at least an interview).

Keep a binder with all of your work/ volunteer/ professional references at your fingertips. Update your references annually so you aren't scrambling to find the information when you're in urgent need of it. Keep an electronic file (pdf or docx) including scanned Certifications and Letters of Reference/Recommendation.
Here is a link for getting started on creating your work history (copy & paste into browser bar):

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