The Venti Program is our exclusive 20 month program designed for the Journeyman/ Craft Worker who has already served an apprenticeship in a related electrical craft and are wanting to get into Metering.  

 Our Venti Program provides the participant with an opportunity to gain a full understanding of electricity metering knowledge and its related field skills as the traditional 3 year participant, but in less time. The purpose of this program is to offer a fully trained Journeymen with a “know what to expect” mentality and a toolbox full of knowledge and are ready to be the best metering professional they can be.

 Download the PDF of our VENTI PROGRAM 


Our program is framed within the guidelines, requirements, and standards for Electricity Metering Apprenticeship Programs that have long been established by the IBEW’s and JATC’s of Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arkansas, Texas, and Colorado. 

We deliver the full 432 required instructional hours through a total of 108 4-hour training sessions conducted over 20 months. Each 4-hour session consists of direct training and interaction with the instructor in both the live webinars and face-to-face sessions.  

A maximum of 8 participants will be accepted.  

Course Topics:

1)    Vocabulary and Definitions

2)    Electric Meter Safety

3)    Electricity Training

4)    Self-Contained Single Phase Metering Principles

5)    Mathematics for Electricity Metering  

6)    Vector Training for Electricity Metering 

7)    Self-Contained Single Phase Metering Proofs

8)    Customer Relations 

9)    Application of Single Phase AMI Metering Principles

10)  Single Phase Distribution Transformer Theory and Connections 

11)  Revenue Protection

12)  Rates, Tariffs and Policies

13)  Demand Metering

14)  Field Test Instruments and Equipment

15)  Instrument Rated Single Phase Metering Principles

16)  Instrument Transformers

17)  Instrument Rated Single Phase Metering Proofs

18)  Self-Contained Three Phase Metering Principles

19)  Self-Contained and Instrument Rated Metering Commonalities

20)  Self-Contained Three Phase Metering Proofs

21)  Application of Three Phase AMI Metering Principles

22)  Three Phase Distribution Transformer Theory and Connections

23)  Pulse Metering

24)  Instrument Rated Three Phase Metering Principles

25)  Instrument Rated Three Phase Metering Proofs

26)  Reactive Metering

27)  High Voltage Metering

28)  High Voltage Metering Proofs

29)  Telemetry Metering

30)  Totalizing Metering