Electricity Metering courses for Apprentices / Trainees  



The next 3 year webinar course begins Sept 2017 - The Weekly Webinar Program is a 3 year course consisting of 3 Terms per year (36 weekly webinars per year) in the evening from 4:00pm-8:00pm PST for a total of 432 instructional hours. There are 2 required  weeks that involve travel and 2 other strongly recommended weeks to attend the NW Meter school: 

  • There are 2 required travel weeks: FirstWeekTM  which is held in Wilsonville, OR and is crucial to the success of the group and at the end of the program there is a 4-Day Exit Exam and Certification. (That's 2 Weeks of travel in 3 years)!
  • Attending 2 sessions of WEI's NW Electric Meter School to gain further understanding through a hands-on lab that Brad teaches and to build networking with the other attendees while furthering connections among the other participants in the course is strongly recommended, but not required; However, it is important that the apprentice at least be able to attend their regional Electric Meter School - See LIST


HITT Instructional Training for Apprenticeships - Overview: 

ALL apprenticeship programs at HITT have 3 components:

Instructional training of 432 hours delivered with our comprehensive training program.


Hands-on or Fieldwork training which is provided through the apprentice's sponsoring company/utility by a mentor/trainer and monitored through each apprentice's program manager. We have created an apprentice hours tracking form that we make available for anyone to use. Get your free one HERE  


Related self-study program adds to the value and integrity of the apprentice's overall commitment to the craft. (This is designed to strengthen the apprentice's tactical skills in support of attaining strategic metering knowledge, but is an optional piece).


To begin an Apprenticeship Course with HITT, please Contact Us for details.


EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Our 20 Month Intensive Program for Journey Workers switching to Metering.  This a dynamically focused Apprenticeship Program offered exclusively by HITT for those Electrical Utility Employees who are already card carrying journeyworkers. This includes Craft trades persons who have already served an apprenticeship in related field/craft work and are wanting to move into the metering department with complete training in a shorter time frame. This course which was created specifically for them. This 20 mo intensive consists of 3 week-long face-to-face class sessions, 68 weekly webinars and 2 meter school sessions at WEI's NWMS held in Seattle, WA. This intensive program contains the full 432 instructional hours, covering all the same material as the traditional 3 year apprenticeships. Download a PDF of our unique Venti Instructional Apprenticeship Program: HERE.


The importance of Mentoring and Networking among Electricity Metering Apprentices and Craft Workers:

“They just don’t know, what they don’t know” which is why a Mentor is necessary to the success of an apprentice. The application of learned tactical awareness, through the experience of applying those tactics in the field, is the vital key needed for apprentice to develop strategic knowledge. A successful Mentor allows the apprentice to put their skills to the test under their watchful eye; Keen to safety awareness and potential hazards that only their own experiences and strategic knowledge have provided them with. A great Mentor leads the apprentice with enough freedom to experience the work and yet be aware of potential dangers and possibly unsafe conditions. 

It has been our experience that by keeping the class size to a maximum of 10 attendees, it helps to develop and enrich each participant’s experience. We’re all on the same team, honoring our individual strengths and helping each other to build up areas of weakness. That is why we have required FirstWeekTM for our online courses. It is critical in the beginning of a Webinar based program to have the group develop a sense of bonding and comfort with each other in order to trust and feel confident in each other’s presence when online.